Why Are Golden Retrievers So Nice?

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Why Are Golden Retrievers So Nice

Golden Retrievers are a wonderful companion because they were designed to be gentle and affectionate. Because they were originally bred to hunt game, they are friendly to their human companions, intelligent, and sociable with other animals.

Golden Retrievers are ranked the top ten most popular dog breeds in the world. They are happy and can even smile. There are many reasons Golden Retrievers can be so friendly. These great personality traits weren’t an accident.

Humans have always sought the perfect companion. When we couldn’t find it we used intentional evolution to our advantage to breed dogs to become the Golden Retriever we know now and love.

Understanding your golden retriever’s history and temperament will help you to better understand him. It will also help you build a stronger relationship with him. Let’s take a closer look at what makes golden retrievers so special.

Intelligent but not stubborn

A smart dog is sometimes a difficult one. Ideally, a dog must be intelligent enough to learn commands and not so stubborn as to refuse them.

For example, huskies are intelligent and can be trained to do many things. However, raising them is difficult. Although they are intelligent enough to understand your commands, they can be stubborn and will often ignore them.

Golden Retrievers are different. They can learn most commands in three repetitions and aren’t stubborn enough to not follow them.

They are more loyal and calm than other breeds, but Labradors can also be very smart without being stubborn.

Mostly Quiet

Although golden retrievers can bark quite loudly, they are not as loud compared to other breeds.

They are quiet because they aren’t easily scared and aren’t as territorial as other dogs. This means they are less likely to bark at strangers passing by your home or when the mailman arrives. (They are good friends with mailmen but that’s another story).


Reasons, why Golden Retrievers can be friendly, are strictly because of their breeding. Golden Retrievers are a hunting dog breed when it comes down to it. A dog that’s a hunter must be sociable. The Golden Retriever must not show aggression or be territorial. Labradors and Beagles share similar friendly temperaments, as they are hunting dogs. Purebred dogs were fashionable in Victorian times.

Purebred dogs have the genetics to ensure that every dog is identical in appearance and personality. The good nature of Golden Retrievers can be relied upon by their owners. Although Purebred dogs can have the problem of having every dog inherit the same problems.

gentle golden retriever


Golden Retrievers can be very gentle and friendly. Their mouths are very soft because they are a hunter. They were able to transport birds to their owners without causing any damage. Making the Golden Retriever a good friend and great companion due to their gentle nature. These gentle dogs are able to hold an egg in their mouths and not break it.


Because they were bred to hunt, it’s rooted in their genes for Golden Retrievers to be loyal to their owners. Golden Retrievers were hunting dogs and had to respond to their owner’s requests. A hunting dog must also have the desire to please. This is a characteristic that the Golden Retriever possesses in abundance. Golden Retriever’s bond with their dog owners is unbreakable and instant and is shown to all members of their “pack”. Making them fantastic family dogs.

Playful Nature

Golden Retrievers are a playful dog breed. They love water and will chase a stick into the stream to return it to their owners. They are intelligent and can quickly learn how to play games like playing fetch. Because of their gentle, soft mouths, they are safe enough to play with children.


Some would consider Golden Retrievers needy. Although this is not always a good thing, it is one of the reasons why Golden Retrievers are so friendly. Friendly Golden Retrievers will do anything to please their owners. They prefer to be close to their owners. Dogs will follow their owners wherever they go if they need attention. While some might find this irritating, it is part of being friendly.

Gets along with dogs and other animals

Other nobles will also bring their dogs on hunting trips, so it is important that your Golden Retriever gets along with other dogs. These hunting trips are not allowed to have dog fights, so the golden retriever was designed to be friendly with other dog breeds. They can also be friendly with cats and other animals.

Goldens must get along with other dogs, but also with horses and other animals. It is not possible for your hunting dog to be scared by hearing the hoofbeats of horses from afar.

This trait was also preserved by selective breeding, which has continued to this day.

Is it more friendly to have male or female Golden Retrievers?

You are about to purchase a Golden Retriever puppy. How do you choose between a boy and a girl puppy? Are they all equally friendly? The most popular choice is often a female puppy. Many people believe that female dogs are easier and more manageable. People believe that female dogs are more gentle and less dominant than male dogs.

Others argue the contrary.

The pride of lions has the female as the hunter and can therefore be more aggressive than their male counterparts. Some believe that the female Golden Retriever behaves exactly like the lioness. Some say that the female Golden Retrievers can be aggressive and dominant towards other female Golden Retrievers. That her position is challenged by the presence of another female.

Experts believe that aggressive behavior in dogs has more to do with gender than their training. Many people believe that training a female dog is easier than training a male. This is because they mature faster than males and are therefore more responsive to proper training. It is also possible to desex your dog. Spaying of a female can result in a happier temperament. And a neutered male displays less dominant behavior.

Nice golden retriever

Is it easy to train Golden Retrievers?

American Kennel Club has a list of 13 dogs that are the easiest to train, and the Golden Retriever is a perennial top 5. Golden Retrievers are so friendly because they are eager and willing to please. They can also understand what their owners expect of them.

The Golden Retriever is generally easy to train. However, this all depends on the things you’re teaching them. Training the Golden Retriever to obey most commands is simple because they are intelligent dogs and obedient.

However, if you’re training your Golden Retriever to become a guard dog, you will likely be disappointed! Although Golden retrievers can be large and strong, they are not good guard dogs. They can be too friendly and lack the aggression they need.

Can Golden Retrievers protect their owners?

Golden Retrievers are loyal dogs that form strong bonds with their owners. Golden Retrievers protect their owners naturally. However, most Golden Retrievers don’t seem to have the ‘attack’ reflex necessary to make them a good guard dog.

Golden Retrievers are people-focused dog breeds. They are friendly and can be friends with anyone (even burglars). They are quiet and won’t raise the alarm.

Golden Retrievers can be trained and are highly intelligent. They can be trained to guard a home or an area. If the dog is young, this training will be more successful. Experts recommend against teaching your Golden Retriever to be aggressive toward humans. This is against their friendly nature. There are many dog breeds that are more aggressive but still make great family pets.

There are exceptions to every rule, as with all dog breeds. Golden Retrievers are known for being aggressive, even though it is against their nature. They are not likely to be born this way. Golden Retriever puppies that are neglected, scared, or not socialized may become aggressive.

Are Golden Retrievers safe around Babies?

The Golden Retriever is the most loved family pets. This applies to all members of the family, including the children. The golden should be introduced slowly to the baby, as with all dogs. However, the closer they get together, the better their bond will be.

Goldens are gentle, protective, and friendly pets. It is important to let the baby and dog interact and to monitor how the dog reacts.

They are great cuddlers and will be able to sleep with the baby if they bond.

Are all Golden Retrievers the Same?

Golden Retrievers can be different. Although all golden retrievers look and behave the same genetically, there are different personality traits and colors.

As with humans, a dog’s personality is complex. Genetics play a huge role in the characteristics and traits, but they are not the only factor that will determine their personality.

So… Are Golden Retrievers a friendly breed?

Absolutely! This is based on my own experience as a golden retriever parent. The Golden Retriever is the most loyal and friendliest dog. The Golden Retriever is the perfect dog for you, whether you are looking for a playful, intelligent, or loving friend.