How long are golden retrievers pregnant?

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How long are golden retrievers pregnant

Golden Retrievers may start to go into heat at 6 months old. They then go into heat approximately every 6 months after that. A Golden Retriever can only become pregnant if she is in heat. There is a chance that a Golden Retriever will get pregnant if she mates with a male Golden Retriever during her heat cycle. How long are Golden Retrievers pregnant after she conceives? We explore this question here.

Timeline for How Long are Golden Retrievers Pregnant

A Golden Retriever will usually stay pregnant for 63 days after she conceives. If you don’t know the day your dog was conceived, it can be difficult to determine how long she will remain pregnant. Even so, dog pregnancy can take a few days longer or shorter than the standard 63 days.

Signs of pregnancy in Golden Retrievers

Your Golden Retriever may be pregnant if she is exposed during her heat cycle to an unneutered male dog. Although it is unlikely that mating during heat will result in pregnancy there are good chances. Your vet should check for pregnancy if your female dog is exposed during the heat cycle to a male.

Here are some other signs that you should look out for to detect pregnancy:

  • Vaginal Discharge:  A Pregnant Golden Retriever often have a thin and clear vaginal discharge. This usually occurs about one month after conception and can last for up to three weeks. Doggy diapers may be necessary for some pet owners to get for their pregnant golden retrievers.

  • More frequent Urination: Your Golden Retriever will need to urinate more frequently as she gets more pregnant. You’ll be surprised to find that your Golden Retriever needs to go to the bathroom twice as frequently.

  • Clingy Behavior: Pregnant dogs can be incredibly attached to their humans. You may notice that they are more inclined to rub against you, snuggle in bed with you, or be close to you when you’re home.

Early detection of golden retriever pregnancy signs will ensure your dog receives the necessary veterinarian care to have strong, healthy, new puppies.

Golden Retriever puppy litter

Caring for a Pregnant Golden Retriever

Your Golden Retriever while carrying her babies will require extra attention. To ensure her health, you need to increase her daily food intake to ensure she has enough nutrition for her babies. You should also limit your dog’s physical activity, such as long walks. This could impact the safety and growth of the babies she’s carrying.

For your dog’s development and care, a slow walk of 20 minutes should be sufficient. Avoid situations that could cause your dog to run, jump and become rowdy. Pregnant Golden Retrievers should also have unlimited access indoors and outdoors to clean water.

If you have any questions or concerns, your veterinarian should be consulted. Don’t rely on advice from family and friends. You can get personalized advice and guidance from your veterinarian based on the health of your dog and any special requirements.

The First Month

  • Putting on the weight –Yes but we don’t have a scale that can accurately measure her weight gain.

  • More pee-pee! – I have not noticed an increase in the number of pee-pee breaks.

  • Belly begins to pounce – Yes! This is most likely the first thing I notice to confirm our dog’s pregnancy.

  • She has a decreased appetite – She is a Golden…she is always hungry!

This is why I am mentioning it again below. One of the obvious signs that ours was pregnant, as we are now on our third one, is her fur flaring at the abdomen. Other dogs will have their unique characteristics. Our pregnant dog is a good example of this.

Quick Tip: We gradually start to feed our golden more of her regular food. We feed her Wellness Core Grain-Free Dog Food.

The Last Few Weeks Before Giving Birth

These bullet points were all noticed in the last week leading up to birth.

  • Visible Puppy movement in the abdomen – I felt all the puppies move around in the stomach a few days ago.

  • She isn’t so hungry – Umm…she’s always hungry

  • Her body temperature drops 24 hours before labor We begin checking her temperature in the week before her due date. This gives us an idea of when she will start labor.

  • Antsy, restless, pacing, panting, digging, nesting… – Yes, yes! Restless nights before the puppies arrive.

For more information on Golden Retriever pregnancy and the gestation period, visit the AKC Website

How Often Can Golden Retrievers Get Pregnant?

Female Golden Retrievers go through a heat cycle approximately every six months. They stay in heat for between 3-4 weeks. The period of fertility is defined as 9 days. It is generally recommended that a female only have 4-6 litters.

How Many Puppies does a pregnant dog have?

A female Golden Retriever can have up to 12 puppies at a time, with an average of 8. The chances of her first or second litter being smaller than the next ones are high. The mother will typically wean her puppies around 3-4 weeks old. They are ready for a new home at 8-12 weeks of age.

It doesn’t matter how adorable your Golden Retriever puppies may be, you need to ensure that you have the financial resources necessary to properly care for them. Our canine friends deserve the best!

In conclusion

Golden Retrievers make great pets and are a joy to be around. Things can get a little stressful when they become pregnant. Your veterinarian can help you ensure your dog is happy, healthy, and safe throughout a dog’s pregnancy. It will also ensure that the puppies are healthy when they arrive.