The Golden Retriever Color Scale

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Golden Retriever Color Scale

Goldens come in a range of colors, from light cream to rich, dark gold. But what color is your Golden Retriever?

How does that compare to other Goldens? This article will help you answer those questions and more.

The Golden Retriever color scale is a spectrum of colors that range from light cream to rich, dark gold. There are many shades in between these two extremes, and each one is unique.

So, what color is your Golden Retriever? If you’re not sure, take a look at the chart below. This will give you a good idea of the different colors that Goldens can be.

golden retriever color scale chart

Golden Retriever Personality

Golden retriever puppies are loving in personality, and also extremely loyal.

Your golden retriever will want to be with you no matter what you are doing.

Truth be told, golden retrievers are always puppies at heart.

They love to jump, run, swim, play with toys and snuggle beside you at night, no matter their age.

Golden Retriever colors, in all their beautiful shades, are truly iconic.

This is a remarkable breed that even people with no knowledge of dogs can recognize from a distance.

An Overview of Golden Retriever Colors

Golden Retrievers come in a range of colors, including light gold, dark gold, red, and Cream. The color of a Golden Retriever can be affected by the color of its parents.

For example, a Golden Retriever with a lot of light-colored parents will likely be lighter in color than one with red parents.

When it comes to Golden Retriever colors, there is no right or wrong. All colors are beautiful and unique.

Whether you prefer a light gold Golden Retriever or a dark gold one, each color has its own special charm.

If you’re thinking about adding a Golden Retriever to your family, don’t let the color be your only deciding factor.

Instead, take the time to learn about the different personalities and characteristics of each color.

This will help you find the perfect Golden Retriever for your home, no matter what color they are!

Some “retrievers”,  can be a black, white, or copper tone. However, the AKC doesn’t consider these to be official Golden Retriever colors.

These colors could indicate a mixed breed dog.

How To Determine The Color Of Your Golden Retriever

Although it is easy to determine the Golden Retrievers color, you may have to observe their entire coat to know for sure. Specifically, you will need to inspect certain areas of their coat.

  • Behind The Ears- The true color of the Golden Retrievers hair will be indicated by the tuft of fur (stronger clumps of hair) behind their ears.

  • Tip Of The Ears- The color of fur here is usually a sign of how much the Golden Retriever puppy will change after losing its puppy coat.

  • Feathery hairs- You know those wispy, curly hairs that hang from the tail and legs of your Golden Retriever? They can be a good indicator of the coat’s color.

The age of your golden retriever will also affect the color of its fur. Golden Retriever puppies might have a lighter color when they are born than their final color when they grow up.

Standard golden retriever

Standard Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers come in all shapes and sizes, but all Golden Retrievers fall within a certain color range.

The “standard” Golden Retriever is a tawny color, with variations that can include a lighter or darker hue, as well as patches of black, white, and/or gold.

Some Golden Retrievers may also have a “feathering” of lighter hair on their lower legs and underbellies.

While the standard Golden Retriever color is fairly consistent, there are some Goldens that fall outside of this range.

These so-called “non-standard” Goldens can be anything from completely white to very dark in color, and everything in between.

light golden retriever

Light Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers that are lighter in color are often called “Light Golden Retrievers.” They may have a cream, pale yellow, or light gold coat.

Some Light Golden Retrievers are so light that they almost look white. They usually have dark eyes and a black nose.

Despite their name, Light Golden Retrievers are not a separate breed from Golden Retrievers.

They are simply Golden Retrievers with a lighter coat color. Light Golden Retrievers are as friendly and intelligent as their darker-coated cousins.

If you’re interested in adopting a Golden Retriever, don’t let the name “Light Golden” fool you – this breed of golden retrievers is as wonderful as any other color of Golden Retriever!

dark golden retriever

Dark Golden Retrievers

There is something special about a Dark Golden Retriever.

They are often just as beautiful as their light golden retriever counterparts, but there is an extra level of depth and richness to their coats.

Dark golden retrievers are often friendly and good-natured, and make wonderful companions.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are thinking about getting a Dark Golden Retriever, however.

The dark golden retriever does require a bit more maintenance than other colors of Retrievers, as their coats can be prone to tangling and matting.

They also may not be suitable for homes with very light-colored carpets or furniture, as their darker coats can leave behind shedding.

Overall, Dark Golden Retrievers are a lovely addition to any family.

If you are looking for a golden retriever with a beautiful coat and a great personality, this may be the perfect color for you.

cream golden retriever

Cream Colored Golden Retrievers

There is something inherently special about Cream Colored Golden Retrievers.

They are often the most sought-after variety of the breed and for good reason! Their beautiful color is just one of the many things that make them so special.

This breed of golden retriever is friendly and loving like all other Golden Retrievers, but they have the added benefit of being absolutely gorgeous.

If you’re looking for a golden retriever that is both beautiful and loving, a Cream Colored Golden Retriever is a perfect choice.

As the name suggests, Cream Colored Golden Retrievers are mostly cream-colored.

However, they can also have some light gold or white markings on their faces and chests. This beautiful coloration is what makes them so popular among dog lovers.

If you’re interested in getting a Cream Colored Golden Retriever, it’s important to know that they are relatively rare. Because of their popularity, there is often a waitlist for these golden retrievers.

However, if you’re patient and willing to put in the work, you’ll eventually be able to find your very own Cream Colored Golden Retriever.

When it comes to personality, Cream Colored Golden Retrievers are just as sweet and loving as any other variety of the breed.

They make great family pets and are always eager to please their owners. If you’re looking for a golden retriever that is both beautiful and loving, a Cream Colored Golden Retriever is a perfect choice.

red golden retriever

Red Golden Retrievers

Red Golden Retrievers are the rarest of all the colors and are often considered to be the most valuable. They are also the most sought after by potential owners.

The Red Golden Retriever has a beautiful reddish-gold coat that is very thick and lush. They often have a lot of hair on their face, making them look very regal.

Red Golden Retrievers are very friendly and loving dogs. They are great with children and other pets. They are also very intelligent and easy to train.

Red Golden Retrievers are not as active as some of the other colors, but they still need plenty of exercise. They do best in a home with a backyard where they can run and play.

Red Golden Retrievers are typically healthy dogs, but like all golden retrievers, they can be susceptible to certain health problems.

Some of the most common health problems seen in Red Golden Retrievers include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cancer.

Owning a Red Golden Retriever is a wonderful experience. These golden retrievers are truly unique and will bring joy to your life.

Caring for Your Golden Retrievers Coat

Golden Retrievers can shed a lot, especially during peak season. They will need extra attention to keep their hair and coats in good shape. When your Golden retriever starts shedding their hair, it may need to be brushed twice a week. A slicker brush is the best tool to accomplish this.

A slicker brush is usually a rectangular, wide brush with wire bristles. This brush is perfect for Golden Retriever grooming as it can easily remove tangles and not cause any skin damage. Ask any Golden Retriever owner and you’ll see that this accessory is a must-have.

A golden retrievers coat needs to be groomed regularly to keep it looking healthy and shiny. You can either do this yourself or take your golden retriever to a professional groomer. If you decide to groom your golden retriever yourself, here are some tips:

1. Start by brushing your golden retrievers coat thoroughly to remove any tangles or mats. Use a dog brush or comb that is designed for golden retrievers.

2. Once the coat is brushed, you can bathe your golden retriever using a mild dog shampoo. Be sure to rinse all of the shampoo out of the coat so it does not irritate the skin.

3. After the bath, dry your golden retrievers coat completely using a towel or hairdryer set on the low setting.

4. Finally, brush the coat again to finish the grooming session.


As you can see, the golden retriever color scale is quite diverse. There are many different shades of gold that a golden retriever can come in, and each one is just as beautiful as the next. Whether your golden retriever is a light cream or a deep mahogany, they’re sure to turn heads and steal hearts with their lovely coat.