Do golden retrievers get cold? How to keep your dog warm

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Do golden retrievers get cold

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America and for good reason – they’re sweet, intelligent, and make great pets. 

But do Golden Retrievers get cold in the winter? And if so, how can you keep them warm?

The answer to whether or not Golden Retrievers get cold depends on a few factors, including their coat type and where they live. 

Golden Retrievers with thicker coats are less likely to feel the cold, while those with thinner coats may need a little extra help to stay warm in the winter months. 

Golden retrievers who live in colder climates are more likely to feel the chill than those who live in warmer areas.

Six factors that will contribute to how cold your golden retriever is

The temperature is not the only condition that can determine how cold your golden retriever feels. Different dogs feel cold differently. 

Here are six factors that will determine how cold your golden retriever actually feels.

  1. Golden Retriever Weight

  2. Golden Retriever Age

  3. Golden Retriever Health

  4. Humidity

  5. Wind

  6. Dampness

Let’s quickly go through each one.

Your Golden Retrievers Weight

Although you probably didn’t expect it, weight can affect how cold your golden retriever feels.

Their body fat can act as insulation to keep your golden retriever warm in the cold weather. 

This means that golden retrievers who are slightly overweight will be more comfortable with cold than those who are healthier and have less body fat.

Your Golden Retrievers Age

Senior golden retrievers, just like humans, can feel the cold more easily than an adult golden retriever. The same goes for a golden retriever puppy.

Because they cannot regulate their temperature, vets recommend that senior golden retrievers and golden retriever puppies should be kept indoors when it’s cold.

Your Golden Retrievers Health

Your golden retriever will struggle to cope with cold weather if they are sick.

Unhealthy golden retrievers are more susceptible to diseases than healthy golden retrievers because they are less strong.


High humidity can cause golden retrievers to feel colder because of the moisture.


It is best to avoid taking your dog outside on windy days, especially at night, not only for their safety but also for yours.

The wind will blow away the heat that may keep you warm when in the elements, forcing your body to produce heat itself.


If your golden retriever took a dip in the pool, or their coat was wet from any other means, their coat will become damp. 

They will feel uncomfortable and cold until you dry them off. Especially if it’s freezing cold outside.

Signs your golden retriever is cold

Though your golden retriever may not use words to explain how they are feeling, their body language can communicate a ton. 

Signs they are cold include shivering, whining, and trying to burrow under blankets or into your lap. 

They may continuously lift their paws off the ground while they walk or even whine and bark excessively to communicate that they are too cold.

Hypothermia can also occur outdoors or even indoors if temperatures drop and there are hypothermia conditions. 

Dogs can lose heat quickly in cold weather, especially if they are confined to cold floors.

Signs of hypothermia in your golden retriever

If your golden retriever is showing signs of hypothermia, it’s important to take action immediately. Hypothermia can be deadly if not treated right away. 

Signs of hypothermia in a golden retriever include weak pulse, low body temperature, dilated pupils, muscle stiffness, lethargy, and difficulty breathing. 

If you think your golden retriever may be suffering from hypothermia, take them to the vet immediately.

According to vets, golden retrievers should be kept indoors when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is recommended to bring your dog indoors if the cold weather drops below this.

Hypothermia from cold weather can be prevented. It’s as easy as heating up your golden retriever after coming in from the outdoors. 

There are ways to keep your golden retriever warm even if the indoor temperature is low or they seem to still be shivering from cold climates.

Steps to keep golden retrievers warm

There are a few things you can do to help your Golden Retriever stay warm in the winter. One is to provide them with a warm coat or sweater to wear when it’s cold outside. 

You can also keep their living space warm by using a heating pad or by putting their bed near a radiator or fireplace. 

Additionally, make sure they have plenty of food and water to keep their energy levels up – this will help them stay warm from the inside out.

  • It is sensible to dry your golden retriever’s coat after they go outside in the cold weather. Consider this: If you go outside with your hair wet, you will feel the chill. The same goes for golden retrievers. The chances of your golden retriever catching hypothermia if they get wet or go outside in cold weather are increased drastically.

  • Wiping off snow and ice particles from their legs or paws can speed up drying. It will also keep your home tidy. It will prevent your dog from inhaling any chemicals or salt they may have gotten on their paws as well.

  • Keep your dog close during cold weather so that you can see if they’re feeling cold. Keeping your Golden Retriever’s double coat long and thick during cold temperatures will help them stay warm.

Winter Apparel and Accessories for your golden retriever

When the temperature drops, it’s time to break out the winter wear for you and your dog. There are several items available that can help keep your furry friend warm during those cold winter months.

Dog Booties

Booties are a fantastic product! There are dog boots for every size and shape. They’re durable and will keep your dog’s paws warm. Dog booties are also waterproof, which will make it easier for your dog’s paws to tolerate cold weather.

There are many brands and products to choose from. The straps are easy to place on the dogs’ paws and can be adjusted easily as well. Goldens love to please their owners. These boots are easy to put on and take off.

The boots’ bottoms are anti-slip and durable, offering protection against harsh terrains and providing traction for freezing temperatures.

Warm Sweaters and Jackets

Most dog sweaters and jackets are meant for older Golden Retrievers who are more sensitive in colder temperatures. However, these jackets and sweaters are also useful for younger dogs in frigid conditions.

When golden retrievers become older and their immune system weakens. Their thick fur becomes thinner. Purchasing winter jackets are great for dogs who live in colder areas.

Nylon and fleece are two common fabrics for dog jackets. These jackets are meant to keep your dog warm in the cold, and not overheat them.

Outdoor Heated Bed

While your Golden might love to be outside, the ground can amplify cold temperatures. Your dog should be able to enjoy the outdoors without the ground freezing them.

A heated pad or dog bed with a warm blanket can keep your Golden healthy and comfortable while also allowing you to watch the snowy landscape.

Heated dog dish

A heated dog dish is another option. To keep your dog hydrated in cold weather, make sure they have enough water.

  • It prevents water from freezing, even in sub-zero temperatures. Simply plug it in, and your pet’s water won’t freeze during winter.

  • Extremely low power consumption and thermostatically controlled

Dog house heater

You can use a heater to heat your dog’s home, whether they are outside or inside. However, make sure the heater is safe.

You can place the heater next to your dog’s bedding to keep it warm during winter.


Do Golden Retrievers get cold? It depends, but in general, golden retrievers tend to tolerate cold weather better than some other dog breeds. Because of their thick fur. 

However, if you’re concerned about your dog being too cold, there are a few things you can do to help them stay warm and comfortable. Thanks for reading!


How cold is too cold for golden retrievers?

Even though they have double coats, Golden Retrievers can become cold. It is best to keep your Golden Retriever indoors when temperatures drop below 20F.

Are golden retrievers OK in the cold?

Many golden retrievers enjoy the snow and don’t mind freezing temperatures. However, it can be dangerous for dogs if temperatures drop below freezing.

Does my golden retriever need a sweater?

Their fur is often warm enough to keep them cozy and warm. Depends on how cold it is.

Do golden retrievers need a blanket?

It comes down to how cold the area is that your dog is in. If it becomes too cold, your golden retriever will really appreciate a cozy blanket.