9 Best Harnesses For Golden Retriever In 2022

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Best Harness for Golden Retriever

Let’s talk about the best harness for golden retriever dogs. Golden Retrievers have a happy and athletic nature. They make great walking companions. However, you sometimes need to give your golden retriever more control than a simple collar.

There are many options for dog harnesses. Before you purchase one, consider your requirements. A good golden retriever harness should be:

  • Secure and comfortable: It should be snugly fitted to your dog but not too tight.
  • Durable: A harness must be durable.
  • Fashionable: You can make your Golden Retriever’s harness fashionable as well as functional even if your golden retriever doesn’t care about fashion.

These are our top picks of the best golden retriever harness for all dog owners.

The Wonder Walker – Best Dog Harness to Urban Exploring

The Wonder Walker No-pull Dog Harness is Seattle’s unofficial dog harness. It puts control around your dog’s center and not a dog’s head or a dog’s neck. It features a front clip and a back clip. Securing your dog’s collar to the chest ring will help you gently guide them in the right direction.

Why it’s so good:

  • Made in America
  • Simple on/off with just one buckle
  • O-rings large enough to fit tags

Ruffwear Front Range – Best Everyday Dog Harness

This great harness is a must-have for any dog owner. This sturdy harness is excellent for everyday walks and more intense outdoor adventures. It features four points of adjustment and two leash attachment points. There is also a comfortable padded collar plate.

SENSE-ation – Best No Pull Harness

If your golden retriever pulls then this dog harness is for you. The original no pull design harness, the SENSE-ation makes it easier for you to walk with your Golden Retriever. It prevents pulling and doesn’t stress your golden retriever if your dog pulls against the harness. It’s made from durable polyester webbing and metal hardware with a robust nickel-plated leash attachment ring.

EzyDog – The Best Clip Harness

The EzyDog is a “quick-fit” harness, made to fit your pet right away. The one-click system allows for easy adjustment while still providing safety benefits. The dog’s comfort is assured by the neoprene padded chest sleeve. Additionally, reflective trim safety stitching will keep your dog visible and safe when walking at night.

Embark Active Dog Harness – Best Adventure Dog Harness

This tough and durable adventure dog harness made from nylon is lightweight and durable with comfortable padding. It features multiple adjustment points for a secure fit. Two leash attachment points allow you to adapt it to your specific walking needs. This item is excellent for hiking with your golden retriever.

Copatchy Adjustable Dog Harness – Best Bargain Harness

A quality golden retriever harness doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Copatchy’s colorful harnesses are affordable, and many reviewers have praised their fit and ease of use. It is made of lightweight, breathable mesh with an attached hand handle.

One Tigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness – Best For Outdoors

The One Tigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness for Dogs is made to keep your golden retriever stylish and comfortable while you’re out on adventures.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant
  • Molle webbing
  • Control loop

This harness is lightweight and robust enough to be used outdoors for hiking, running, camping, and other activities. You can even allow your dog’s supplies to be carried by the harness with its Molle pouches.


  • Made to last
  • Comfortable to put on
  • Adjustable straps
  • Attached to a Strong V-ring Leash


  • This harness can be chewed through

If your golden retriever loves going on outdoor adventures, this vest is a good choice.

Mighty Paw Padded Dog Harness – Best Dog Harness for Running

The Mighty Paw Padded Sports Dog Harness is designed for dogs to reduce neck strain and is a good choice if your golden retriever loves to run.

Key Features

  • Dual-clip
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Adjustable straps

This harness has been designed to allow your dog to move naturally while walking or running. You can put it on or take it off quickly and easily with the adjustable straps.


  • Leash rings on the front and back
  • Built-in handle
  • Comfortable and durable


  • It doesn’t have reflective material piping

Overall, the Mighty Paw Padded Sports Dog Harness is an excellent harness for golden retrievers who enjoy long walks and running.

One Tigris Tactical Training Molle Dog Vest Harness – Convenient And Versatile Harness

The One Tigris Tactical Training Molle Dog Vest Harness is designed for your golden retriever to be comfortable when he is out.

Key Features

  • Neck strap with padding
  • Dual chest straps
  • Front and rear handles

Additionally, your golden retriever can carry gear and supplies on every adventure with the molle pockets.


  • Durable, lightweight
  • Distributes the load evenly
  • Padded for added comfort
  • You can easily adjust


  • Pouches are purchased separately

The One Tigris Tactical Training Molle Dog Vest Harness is essential equipment for anyone who loves to hike with their golden retriever.

Consider these factors when choosing the proper dog harness for your Golden Retriever

Golden retriever harnesses come in a range of different styles and uses. Therefore, before buying one, it is crucial to assess your needs.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Comfort and adjustability: this should always be your first concern. Golden Retrievers have sensitive skin. Ensure the harness adjusts across the chest, belly, and back to avoid skin irritation.
  • Reflective Straps. These will keep your golden retriever visable in low light conditions.
  • Sturdy Bangles: Even though golden retrievers don’t look very big, they are highly energetic and excited. It is essential to secure your dog during walks with solid metal buckles.
  • No Pull design Harness: If your Golden Retriever is fond of pulling on walks, then a no-pull harness is the best choice. A no-pull collar comes with a front ring that gives you better control and can help train your dog to heal.


Golden Retrievers are playful and energetic dogs that need to be exercised often to stay out of trouble. Going on long walks with your Golden Retriever is always a great idea. However, you’ll need to ensure that the harness you use fits them well. These are our picks for the best harness for golden retrievers to help you pick the right harness.

Whatever choice you make, these harnesses will teach your dog to stop pulling so you can enjoy your walk and not chase your golden retriever.