Best Crate For Golden Retriever Puppy in 2022

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best crate for golden retriever puppy

Crate training is a great way to housebreak a puppy and help with potty training.

Crate training is a method of keeping your puppy in a confined space for a set amount of time. This helps to reduce accidents, chewing on inappropriate objects (such as your shoes), or even hurting themselves when you’re gone.

Crate training is not an effortless task. However, it can be done with patience. Use positive reinforcement when your golden retriever responds well to house training.

The right dog crate is an important aspect of crate training. You want your golden retriever puppy to feel secure while also limiting their access to troublemaking. Puppy crates are a great way to transport your puppy in the car. They also give them a safe and cozy place to sleep.

The best crate for a golden retriever puppy will depend on you, your puppy’s activity level and future plans as your puppy grows.

Choosing the Right Puppy Crate

Although a puppy crate may look identical to other dog crates, not all models are created equal. You could waste your money on a puppy crate that does not meet your needs if you don’t think about some details.

These are the things you should look for when buying a puppy dog crate:

High-quality construction. Make sure that any dog crates for your golden are well-constructed. You need sturdy walls and doors, as well as quality hardware that won’t break.

Durable materials. You should ensure that your dog crate is made of durable materials.

Soft or Hard Sides. You can choose between hard or soft sides. Dog crates with hard sides do a better job at keeping puppies contained for a longer time. They are also easier to clean. While soft-sided crates are great for traveling, we do not recommend them to be used for overnight stays.

Easy Transportation. A dog crate with a handle makes it easier to transport. However, it is also a good idea to have a crate that can be folded flat for storage.

Easy to clean. A lot of dog crates have a slide-out tray that makes them easy to clean. Crates with soft sides are more difficult to clean.

Adjustable sizing. Many dog crates have a divider that allows you to adjust the interior dimensions of the crate as your golden retriever grows.

It’s Not Always Easy to Find the Right Crate Size for your Golden Retriever

There are a lot of different dog crates available to choose from, making it difficult to decide which one would be the perfect crate to purchase.

Goldielocks knows that the size is the first and most important decision. It can’t be too big or too small, the dog grate has to be just right.

Outside of size, there are many factors that should influence your final decision on which dog crate to buy. From style all the way to material.

The Perfect Size Dog Crate

When buying a crate, one of the biggest mistakes is to believe that “bigger is better.”

If they are rattling about in large open spaces, it won’t provide your golden retriever with comfort and safety. This means the dog crate won’t be as enjoyable for them as they would like.

Another important note is if you are trying to harness the golden retriever instinct to keep their den clean, it should not be too big so they can use the far end of the dog crate as a toilet. This would make crate training difficult.

The dog crate can’t be too small either. Your golden retriever should be able to get up from the crate without hitting its head. They should also be able to turn comfortably and lay down on their side with their paws extended.

It shouldn’t be smaller than necessary, but it shouldn’t be much larger because of the reasons listed above.

Keeping the above rules in mind, a golden retriever will require a different size crate as an adolescent and again when they become an adult.

Here is the trick:

You can buy a crate to fit an adult dog and use a divider while they are still a puppy.

The need to replace the crate as your golden retriever grows is a waste of money.

There are many brands of crates for golden retrievers that have dividers available that are used to make a smaller crate for a puppy.

The best dog crates have a divider you can use to make the space smaller to fit your dog’s needs. However, you can also find and purchase a wooden board at your local DIY shop if you’re looking at dog crates that don’t have a divider.

My advice is to get a crate that’s large enough for an adult Golden Retriever and then to use a divider so the dog crate is adapted to the size of a puppy. This will save you time and money over the long term.

How Big of a Crate Does a Golden Retriever Need?

A majority of adult Golden Retrievers need a 36 to 42-inch dog crate.

The size of a golden retriever can vary, but we consider most to be large these days. So I recommend getting a 42-inch dog crate.

To be honest, the best way to determine the size of a dog crate that your Golden Retriever requires is to measure them and then buy the one that fits best.

Below, we’ve selected the best dog crates online, keeping all of this in mind. There are many options for you and your golden retriever, from plastic crates for safe travel all the way to elegant furniture crates that can be used in the living room to fit your pet’s needs to a stylish crate for your home.

What Size Dog Crate Does a Puppy nNeed?

As I mentioned, I recommend you buy a crate to fit an adult Golden Retriever and then use a divider. This will eliminate the need to purchase larger crates every 3 to 4 months.

I would recommend purchasing a 42″” crate with a divider. This will be the surest way that golden retriever owners won’t have to purchase a new dog crate in the future.

Best Dog Crates for a Puppy

While you are free to choose from a variety of materials and designs, it is important to remember the golden rule when sizing dog crates for golden retrievers. Golden retrievers should be able to lie down, stand, and turn comfortably but if your puppy has too much room, they are more likely to have an accident while training in a crate. After your dog has been potty trained, you can upgrade to a larger crate.

These are our top picks of the best dog crates for golden retriever puppies.

best crate for a golden retriever

Best Wire Crate for Golden Retriever Puppies

The wire dog crate is the most well-known and most commonly purchased type of dog crate.

You can still find a variety of styles within this type. Some have a single door, others have double doors, or even more.

Many have a removable tray of plastic at the bottom, but not all. Some wire crates be folded for storage while others cannot.

These choices aside, what are some pros and cons to purchasing a wire crate?

The Benefits of a Wire Dog Crate

  • Many wire crates have a slide-out tray that allows for easy cleaning of any spillages.

  • You can purchase dividers for most models and have the wire crate resized for your puppy as they grow.

  • It is very easy to clean wire crates

  • For easy storage and moving of the crate, you can use folding ones

  • Strong, durable, and long-lasting

  • These allow dogs to see as much as possible from the inside. This is important for certain dogs. For those who prefer a more boxed-in feeling, you can cover it. This allows you to test both situations, something you cannot do with other types.

  • They are more suitable for hotter climates because they allow more air to flow than other styles.

Disadvantages of a Wire Dog Crate

  • Wire crates are often quite heavy, so keep that in mind if you intend to move your dog’s crate frequently.

  • Wire crates are best suited for those who live in warm climates. Cold climate residents, you can cover the wire crate with a blanket, however.

  • If they are placed on hard surfaces, they can be noisy and fidgety.

  • If your dog is an escape artist, wire crates are the easiest type to escape from!

Best Wooden Dog Crate for Golden Retrievers

It’s obvious that a folding metal dog crate is not the most fashionable way to decorate a home. They don’t look bad to me, but there are more stylish options to crate train your golden retriever.

There are many options for a stylish heavy duty dog crate today. You can choose from a variety of materials, including bamboo, rattan, and wood. What are the positives and disadvantages of these crates?

The Advantages of Wooden Crates

  • Wooden crates are more difficult to escape from than wire crates.

  • They look great! They are more stylish than wire or plastic crates. It is surely possible to choose a stylish golden retriever dog crate that blends in seamlessly with the overall theme and look of your home.

  • They can be used for a dual purpose. They can provide a safe place to sleep for your dog and can even double as a table or surface for your golden retriever’s best toys.

The Disadvantages of Wooden Crates

These are not the best crates for golden retrievers for house training. They are hard to clean and can absorb moisture from accidents.

If your golden retriever pup exhibits destructive behavior such as chewing or scratching, it can cause irreparable damage.

This is the most expensive type of crate for dog owners, with many weighing in at hundreds of dollars.

Best Plastic Crate for a Golden Retriever

Plastic crates for golden retrievers are mostly used for pet travel as many of them are airline approved. If you intended to travel a lot with your pup, this certification is something you should definitely look for.

The Benefits of a Plastic Crate

  • They are lightweight and easy to transport, making them great for travel.

  • Many are approved by airlines, which is a requirement for air travel.

  • Some crates serve two purposes: the top half of some are removable and you have a plastic tray that can be used as a dog bed.

The Disadvantages of a Plastic Dog Crate

  • It cannot be folded flat to store like other crate types.

  • Due to the predominant solid walls, there is less ventilation than other crates. This makes them not ideal for warm climates.

  • It is more difficult to clean and odorless than a metal crate (although it is easier than a wooden one).

Best Fabric Dog Crate for a Golden Retriever

People who dislike the appearance of crates that look like cages will love the soft sided crate. Soft crates are less intimidating than a heavy duty crate.

Advantages of a Soft Crate

  • Because of their small size, soft crates can be easily stored away for golden retriever owners.

  • It’s the best dog crate to bring on fishing trips, picnics, or camping to provide shelter for golden retrievers.

Fabric Crate Disadvantages

  • You would well to properly crate train your pup before using such a crate. As they are not as easy to clean as a heavy duty dog crate.

  • These are the easiest crates to get out of. It takes only a little of determination and some chewing and scratching to escape.

Which is the Best Dog Crate for a Golden Retriever Pup?

We believe that a collapsible wire dog cage is the best option for crates for golden retrievers.

They are almost indestructible for golden retriever still being chewy. They are also great to crate train with, as they can be cleaned easily after any accidents.

Most wire crates can be folded flat to transport and are extremely durable and long-lasting. They are also very affordable to purchase.

These crates are practical and economical, and I recommend them for daily use in your home. A folding wire crate, in our opinion, makes the best dog crates for Golden Retrievers.

MidWest Has the Best Overall Crate for a Golden Retriever Puppy.

This large, high-quality dog crate measures 42 x 28 x 31 inches and is available in both a single-door or double-door version.

It includes a removable divider that can be used during puppyhood and a slide-out removable plastic tray for cleaning.

The top handle can be used for transporting the crate, while the flat bottom folds down for storage or travel. Two bolts are installed on each door to ensure safety.

The rolling feet on this crate are a great feature that protects your floors. As well as for safety, the corners of this crate have been rounded.

It is a great value and will fit your Golden at every stage of their lives.

In Closing

The best dog crate is just one item on any puppy’s checklist. To keep your puppy happy, you’ll need to have a leash and harness, as well as toys. You should also ensure that your puppy receives the right nutrients for growth and development.